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'STOP BUYING MASKS': US Surgeon General and VP say masks won't help fight coronavirus even as demand for emergency supplies increases

The vice president, who heads the coronavirus task force, said the US was contracting with 3M to create 35 million more masks each month.
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US media outlets aren't ready for Russia's election interference

Even with the lessons of 2016, US media outlets are still ill-equipped to deal with information warfare.
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CPAC 2020 was all about worshiping Trump, hating socialism, and feeling victimized by media and the left

CPAC used to be a gathering of right-leaning thinkers that epitomized "big-tent conservatism." In 2020, there was almost no diversity of thought.
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The US just reported its first coronavirus death — a patient in Washington. Here's what we know about the more than 60 US patients.

A patient in Washington state was the first coronavirus death on US soil, officials announced Saturday.
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President Trump says 'there's no reason to panic at all' after US reported its first coronavirus death

Trump said the death was of a high-risk patient and the administration saw no immediate threat to otherwise healthy people.
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Companies around the world are telling their employees to work from home amid the coronavirus outbreak

As more workers are relegated to working from home, the economic consequence of the disease caused by the Wuhan coronavirus could become more severe.
Tech 2020-02-29T17:44:26Z

Uber sent drivers guidance about coronavirus that some say ignores the realities of the gig economy

The guidance included four simple tips to prevent the spread of the virus. Some drivers tweeted that the advice was tone-deaf.
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For the first time since the Cold War, the Navy is practicing to lead a convoy across the Atlantic

Amid "great-power competition," the Navy is relearning some old skills to prepare for a potential showdown at sea.
Science 2020-02-29T16:20:32Z

At least 4 of the dozens of US coronavirus cases are not linked to overseas travel but are likely the result of 'community spread'

"Community spread means spread of an illness for which the source of infection is unknown," the CDC said.
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France has banned any public event in a 'confined space' with over 5,000 people to stop spread of coronavirus

The ban comes as France has confirmed 73 cases of the virus, Reuters reported. The country has also recommended that people stop shaking hands.
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At least two dozen US police departments have spread misinformation linking coronavirus to meth

"This attempt, although a long shot, still had some possibility behind it," one police department said in response to criticism.
Politics 2020-02-29T14:00:00Z

LIVE UPDATES: Watch the results for today's South Carolina primaries

The polls close at 7 p.m. Eastern Time, so South Carolina results could come in as early as 8 p.m.
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Here's why Obamacare would likely make any coronavirus vaccine free for patients — and prove critical in fighting the disease

There are more than 60 confirmed coronavirus cases in the US so far, and the outbreak is spreading around the world.
Science 2020-02-29T13:07:00Z

Catastrophic software errors doomed Boeing's airplanes and nearly destroyed its NASA spaceship. Experts blame the leadership's 'lack of engineering culture.'

Boeing's plane crashes were on a NASA official's mind when he decided to investigate the company's spaceship software.
Science 2020-02-29T13:03:00Z

Several young doctors in China have died of the coronavirus. Medical workers are far more vulnerable to infection than the general population.

Older people are the most likely to die from the coronavirus. But overworked, under-protected healthcare workers are at risk, too.
Politics 2020-02-29T12:47:18Z

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez clapped back at Ted Cruz after he mocked her over a coronavirus comment

The New York congresswoman informed Cruz that she, in fact, holds an award for microbiology from MIT.
News 2020-02-29T10:17:53Z

South Korea reported a record 800 new cases of coronavirus in a single day — and the vast majority are linked to a religious cult

Vice health minister Kim Kang-lip told a briefing that it was a "critical moment" in the country's COVID-19 crisis.
News 2020-02-29T07:17:26Z

Jaw-dropping photos show the scale of delivering food and medical supplies to the millions of people still under coronavirus lockdown in China

Hubei Province, which includes the city of Wuhan where the novel coronavirus first emerged, has been under quarantine for roughly a month.
News 2020-02-29T06:57:22Z

Oregon elementary school closing for cleaning after an employee becomes the third potential case of 'community spread' of the new coronavirus

An elementary school has closed after one of its employees was discovered to be the third confirmed case of COVID-19 community spread.
Sports 2020-02-29T06:44:25Z

Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department to conduct an investigation after graphic photos of Kobe Bryant helicopter crash were allegedly shared

A deputy was sharing photos of the crash at a bar, according to a citizen complaint reported by the Los Angeles Times.
Science 2020-02-29T05:01:00Z

Experts urge anyone who thinks they have the coronavirus to call before going to a US hospital. Here's the process for potential patients.

If your doctor thinks you could have the new coronavirus, you might get a mask and an isolation room at the hospital. But call first.
Science 2020-02-29T04:41:00Z

Anthony Fauci, who the Trump administration barred from speaking freely, is a public-health hero. The disease expert guided the US through AIDS, Zika, and Ebola.

Fauci has been a US health official since 1984, advising six presidents. Trump's administration barred him from speaking publicly without approval.
Politics 2020-02-29T03:59:50Z

Trump accuses Democrats of politicizing the coronavirus, calling criticism of his handling of the outbreak their 'new hoax'

Trump's comments came after two more cases of coronavirus emerged in the US on Friday, bringing the total number of US cases to at least 64 cases.
Tech 2020-02-29T00:57:41Z

Amazon is shifting from on-site interviews to video for some job openings as coronavirus concerns grow

The guidance comes the same day Amazon told employees company-wide to avoid travel both within the US and abroad in the wake of coronavirus fears.
Science 2020-02-28T23:49:00Z

'Contagion' is one of the most popular thrillers on iTunes because of the coronavirus outbreak. Here's how the film compares to reality.

The new coronavirus has infected at least 84,000 people. As fears of a pandemic increase, people are comparing the outbreak to the movie "Contagion."
Science 2020-02-28T23:21:00Z

What to know about the coronavirus outbreak in 9 charts and maps

Here's where the coronavirus has spread, how quickly the case total has grown, and how the outbreak compares to others.
News 2020-02-28T23:09:00Z

The US is telling Americans to avoid nonessential travel to Italy

US issues Level 3 travel warning for Italy, which now has the highest number of COVID-19 cases outside Asia.
Politics 2020-02-28T23:08:30Z

Trump nominates GOP Rep. John Ratcliffe, one of his biggest attack dogs on Capitol Hill, as Director of National Intelligence

Trump wanted to nominate Ratcliffe for DNI last year, but Ratcliffe withdrew from consideration after a string of public controversies.
Politics 2020-02-28T23:00:39Z

Trump says he's ordering 'a lot of different elements of medical' to deal with coronavirus

It's unclear what Trump meant by "elements of medical," but his comments came as the White House faces a firestorm over its response to coronavirus.
Science 2020-02-28T22:48:00Z

Trump barred a top health expert from speaking freely about the coronavirus. It's one of many ways the administration has muzzled scientists.

The Trump administration reportedly barred a top US health official from discussing the coronavirus. It follows a pattern of science censorship.
Politics 2020-02-28T22:11:57Z

Fox News is downplaying the coronavirus even though its older audience is more vulnerable to the virus

Fox's message is particularly dangerous for its viewers, who skew older and are thus more vulnerable to the effects of the virus.
Science 2020-02-28T20:42:00Z

Women say they're washing their hands significantly more than men as the coronavirus spreads around the world

Insider polled more than 1,000 people on Thursday. A lot more women said they were "washing hands and keeping surfaces clean" in the face of COVID-19.
Politics 2020-02-28T20:18:43Z

210 people have reportedly died from the coronavirus in Iran, but the government is saying the death toll is only 34

The death toll in Iran from the novel coronavirus could be far higher than the government is letting on.
Politics 2020-02-28T20:14:10Z

'The anti-Greta' climate activist Naomi Seibt says she's 'absolutely' a fan of far-right podcaster Stefan Molyneux

The 19-year-old German said at CPAC that she's "absolutely" still a fan of Molyneux, who has promoted white nationalism on his podcast.
Politics 2020-02-28T19:47:11Z

Political columnist accuses MSNBC host Chris Matthews of making suggestive comments to her before she went on his show

Laura Bassett alleges that she was going to discuss sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump with Chris Matthews when Matthews came on to her.
Politics 2020-02-28T19:35:12Z

Trump's efforts to muzzle health officials and downplay coronavirus mirror the tactics of an authoritarian regime, experts say

Top White House officials have called the virus a "hoax," while right-wing media allies assail experts who are critical of their coronavirus response.
Politics 2020-02-28T19:19:18Z

Joe Biden admits he wasn't actually arrested in apartheid South Africa, contradicting a story he's told for weeks

The former vice president came clean on CNN: "When I said 'arrested,' I meant I was not able, I was not able to move ... I wasn't arrested."
Politics 2020-02-28T19:18:00Z

Tulsi Gabbard is running for president in 2020. Here's everything we know about the candidate and how she stacks up against the competition.

Gabbard is one of the first two female combat veterans to serve in Congress and is its first-ever Hindu member.
Politics 2020-02-28T19:18:00Z

Michael Bloomberg is running for president in 2020. Here's everything we know about the candidate and how he stacks up against the competition.

Billionaire Michael Bloomberg has a long political record as mayor of New York City for 12 years and an active philanthropist.
Politics 2020-02-28T19:17:00Z

Tom Steyer is running for president. Here is everything we know about the candidate — and how he stacks up against the competition.

Billionaire environmental activist Tom Steyer is making climate change and the environment a central part of his 2020 platform.
Politics 2020-02-28T19:17:00Z

Only a third of Americans have high confidence in an accurate vote count — here's why paper ballots could restore their faith in secure elections

Officials say that when it comes to protecting our elections, the perception of security is ultimately more important than the reality.
Politics 2020-02-28T19:16:00Z

Pete Buttigieg is running for president in 2020. Here's everything we know about the candidate and how he stacks up against the competition.

South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg is a 38-year-old Harvard-educated Rhodes scholar and Afghanistan War veteran running for president.
Politics 2020-02-28T19:16:00Z

Amy Klobuchar is running for president in 2020. Here's everything we know about the candidate and how she stacks up against the competition.

Sen. Amy Klobuchar went from corporate lawyer to a county prosecutor, and now a US Senator and 2020 presidential candidate.
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