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Coronavirus live updates: More than 98,000 people have been infected and more than 3,300 have died. The US has reported 12 deaths. Here's everything we know.

Coronavirus cases have been confirmed in at least 88 countries outside China. Eleven US patients in Washington state and one in California have died.
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California, Maryland, and Washington state have declared a state of emergency to fight coronavirus — here's what it means

California has confirmed 61 coronavirus cases, including one death, while Washington state has confirmed over 70 cases and 11 deaths.
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Coronavirus South Korea

South Korea has tested 140,000 people for the coronavirus. That could explain why its death rate is just 0.6% — far lower than in China or the US.

Experts have suggested that coronavirus death rates could decrease as more mild cases are confirmed.
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Facebook recommends that all Bay Area employees work from home due to coronavirus fears

"The health and safety of our teams, their loved ones and our neighbors remain a top priority," a Facebook spokesperson told Business Insider.
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BIG TECH IN HEALTHCARE: Here's who wins and loses as Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft hone in on niche sectors of healthcare

This report explores the key strengths and offerings the Big Four tech giants – Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft – bring to healthcare.
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'This is not the ticket dispenser at the deli counter; it's a public health emergency': A California nurse in self-quarantine condemns delays in coronavirus testing

A nurse in self-quarantine anonymously penned an open letter condemning the delay in coronavirus testing for medical workers who contract the disease.
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Limited coronavirus testing in the US has meant its death rate appears alarmingly high — but it will likely drop

Limited coronavirus testing in the US so far means that people with mild cases probably haven't been confirmed as infected, so aren't counted.
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The US has reported 12 coronavirus deaths among at least 232 cases. Here's what we know about the US patients.

Eleven patients have died in Washington state, and one died in California. In total, coronavirus patients are being treated in 19 states.
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A Princess cruise passenger died of the coronavirus in California. The ship is sitting off the coast of San Francisco, and virus tests were helicoptered in.

The Grand Princess — which is not the Diamond Princess — anchored off the coast of San Francisco on Thursday. Some passengers are sick.
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Half the world's beaches could disappear by the end of the century because of rising sea levels and extreme storms, a study found

Rising sea levels would hit Australian beaches hardest. Seven other countries, including the US, would also lose thousands of miles of sand.
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Growing evidence suggests the coronavirus can spread through poop. Here's how to protect yourself.

The new coronavirus may spread through poop. Scientists keep finding live virus particles in infected patients' stool.
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How to clean your home to prevent coronavirus spread

The CDC suggests you clean and disinfect all "high-touch areas" in your home, from doorknobs to phones.
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'Brace for turbulence': Silicon Valley VC firm Sequoia Capital calls coronavirus the 'Black Swan of 2020' that every startup founder needs to prepare for

Silicon Valley VC firm Sequoia Capital advised startup founders to prepare for a variety of business disruptions and challenges because of the coronavirus.
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Starbucks baristas won't be filling up your reusable mugs during the coronavirus outbreak

Starbucks has suspended the practice of filling up customers' reusable cups as a way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.
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VOICE ASSISTANTS IN HEALTHCARE: An inside look at 3 emerging voice use cases healthcare providers can deploy to cut costs, build loyalty, and drive revenue

Business Insider Intelligence outlines the voice opportunity in healthcare and explores the drivers propelling voice adoption in the healthcare realm.
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A designer created a $3,300 'temple of poop': a composting toilet with a view that fertilizes its own roof garden

Compost from the toilet is used to fertilize the roof garden, which in turn contributes a fresh smell.
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Another senior politician has died of coronavirus in Iran, where 8% of the parliament is infected

Iran has barred government officials from traveling, and parliament has been suspended indefinitely.
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The Department of Defense is bracing for a potential coronavirus outbreak at the Pentagon

"We want to be prepared for everything, and we're taking a variety of measures," Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said Thursday afternoon.
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13 tips for protecting your child against the coronavirus, according to a pediatrician

Tips include washing hands thoroughly with soap and water, exercising outside, and stocking up on essentials like diapers, medications, and wipes.
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Washington and New York are forcing health insurers to cut patients' costs for coronavirus testing

The decisions come amid concerns that getting tested for the novel coronavirus may be unaffordable to many.
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San Francisco's first 2 coronavirus cases were just confirmed — authorities say the disease is likely being transmitted in the city

"We do not know at this point how they were exposed to the virus, which suggests it is spreading in the community," the city's health director said.
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NASA's next Mars rover is officially called 'Perseverance.' A 7th-grader from Virginia proposed the name.

"It took a lot of perseverance for us to get to where we are today," Lori Glaze, director of NASA's Science Mission Directorate, said.
Science 2020-03-05T18:22:00Z

The UK has reported 115 coronavirus cases and 1 death. Here's what we know about how the virus is spreading across Britain.

The UK suffered its first coronavirus-related death after the number of confirmed cases rose to 115. Experts predict an epidemic is now highly likely.
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SAP has cancelled all in-person events and says bookings on its Concur travel platform is down 20% due to coronavirus crisis

SAP said it has seen a 20% drop in transactions on its Concur travel management platform. The tech giant has cancelled all in-person events.
Tech 2020-03-05T18:02:03Z

Google faces backlash from privacy activists for gathering people's health data from hospitals across the country to build its algorithms

Google now faces a lawsuit that alleges the company can identify patients using the health data from hospitals, breaching privacy laws.
Tech 2020-03-05T17:30:42Z

A California man who self-quarantined after returning home from China amid the coronavirus outbreak said he is '100x more concerned' for his health in the US than he was in China

The Bay Area man saw how differently both governments handled the coronavirus outbreak after returning from a one-week trip to China.
Tech 2020-03-05T16:57:04Z
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We got a look at Oscar Health's latest enrollment numbers, and they show why 2020 is shaping up to be a big year for the unprofitable health insurance startup

Oscar Health almost doubled its membership in 2020, thanks to an expansion of its business selling Obamacare plans.
Science 2020-03-05T16:41:00Z

How to find an effective germ-killing hand sanitizer amidst the Purell shortage

Supplies of well-known hand sanitizer brands like Purell are dwindling. If you're going to buy a lesser-known brand, here's what to look for.
Tech 2020-03-05T16:27:17Z

This robot wanders New York City informing people about coronavirus, but it's already been banned from one park

The robot reportedly surveyed 300 people, and no one showed symptoms of COVID-19. So far it has been seen around Times Square and Bryant Park.
Science 2020-03-05T16:25:00Z

Online therapy is in high demand as coronavirus anxiety drives people to get help without leaving their homes

One therapist said calls for potential clients quadrupled in a 24-hour span. Anxiety has reached "epic proportions," she said.
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Twitter and Amazon are among 31 of the largest global companies who have restricted travel or asked their employees to work remotely as a precaution against the novel coronavirus. Here's the full list.

As the coronavirus spreads across Asia, the Middle East, Europe, and the US, companies are restricting travel and asking employees to work from home.
News 2020-03-05T15:48:33Z

'Whether healthy or sick, please don't lick': Washington state urges voters to avoid licking the envelopes of mail-in ballots amid coronavirus outbreak

People can get infected by coming in contact with a surface — which in this case could be an envelope — that someone with coronavirus has touched.
News 2020-03-05T15:46:16Z

From kissing bans to the death penalty: Here's how seriously different countries are taking the coronavirus outbreak

In Japan, officials shut schools and suspended sports games while Iran warned that hoarding medical equipment could result in a death penalty.
Tech 2020-03-05T15:40:03Z

Cash could be spreading the coronavirus, warns the World Health Organization

People should wash their hands after handling cash and try to use contactless payments instead, the World Health Organization says.
Science 2020-03-05T15:31:00Z

Singapore is working 'round the clock' to find coronavirus cases. Lying about where you've been can result in 6 months of jail or a fine of up to $10,000.

The system relies on surveillance footage, police, and a dedicated team of contact tracers, who map out where patients went before they got COVID-19.
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China's unprecedentedly drastic response to the coronavirus saved hundreds of thousands of people from catching it, according to a WHO official who went there

The WHO official who led a probe into China's response to the coronavirus said the country has prevented a huge number of Chinese infections.
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These 3 little-known industries worth a combined $245 billion are quietly shaping the future global energy economy

Electric cars and renewable power get all the attention, but these three obscure industries are changing fast and yielding big emissions reductions.
Science 2020-03-05T15:21:00Z

Insurance startup Alignment Healthcare raised $135 million to expand its Medicare Advantage footprint

Alignment Healthcare has raised $135 million to increase its foothold of the Medicare Advantage market at a time when there are more plans than ever.
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Trader Joe's won't stop serving free samples despite coronavirus outbreak, but it's making employees change how they hand them out

Trader Joe's is telling workers to "serve samples with a fork or spoon, so customers do not need to use their hands" in a leaked memo.
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Hong Kong is warning people not to kiss their dogs after a Pomeranian tested positive for the coronavirus (though there's no evidence dogs can be infected)

Health authorities say there's no evidence that dogs can be infected or can spread it to humans, but quarantined a dog out of caution.
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As the coronavirus spreads, one study predicts that even the best-case scenario is 15 million dead and a $2.4 trillion hit to global GDP

A group of Australian researchers estimate that the coronavirus may have severe consequences on the global GDP.
Science 2020-03-05T09:55:00Z

China is recording so few new coronavirus infections that South Korea looks like the new center of the epidemic

The coronavirus is spreading in several new hot-spot countries — notably South Korea and Iran — but slowing considerably in China.
Tech 2020-03-05T09:17:57Z

Amazon is telling employees at its Seattle HQ not to come into the office because of the coronavirus, as Washington becomes the worst-hit state in the US

Ten coronavirus deaths have hit Washington, which is also home to Amazon's head office. A Wednesday email asked staff to avoid the office if possible.
Politics 2020-03-05T04:38:55Z

Trump argues 3.4% death rate from coronavirus is 'false,' citing a 'hunch' in claiming it's far lower

"Well, I think the 3.4% is really a false number," President Donald Trump argued on Fox News, saying he thought the real number was "way under 1%."
News 2020-03-05T04:05:33Z

Facebook confirms that a contractor at its Seattle office tested positive for coronavirus

The announcement comes a day after Amazon confirmed that one of its employees in Seattle tested positive for coronavirus.
Science 2020-03-05T02:17:00Z

Mapping the coronavirus outbreak: Where in the world — and the US — the disease has spread

Cases of the coronavirus has been reported in 81 countries outside of China, with more than 150 cases in the US.
Science 2020-03-05T01:00:00Z

The CDC has broadened its coronavirus testing standards so that more Americans showing symptoms can get lab tests

"Coronavirus has been circulating in the United States for weeks," one expert said. "We didn't detect it because we weren't testing properly."
Enterprise 2020-03-05T00:20:35Z

IBM cancels its biggest event of the year over coronavirus fears, as it makes a new rule that employees can’t go to a conference with over 1,000 attendees

IBM canceled its annual developer conference Think over coronavirus concerns. It follows Google Cloud, Facebook, and other tech companies in doing so.
Science 2020-03-04T23:13:00Z

New York families under coronavirus quarantine worry isolation measures aren't strict enough: 'If there are no answers, people make their own decisions'

After a man was diagnosed with COVID-19 on Wednesday, people who attended his synagogue were quarantined, but not their family members.
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